Inground lift with 5 rams
Capacity: 75 t

  • An innovative and flexible lift for all future lifting jobs
  • Plug & Play - Factory tested with columns mounted in the cassette ready for installation
  • All cross beams and rolling cover are lowered to floor level along the total pit length
  • One ram is fixed; the others are moveable
  • The lift is operated from an easy-to-use touch screen remote control, which among other things informs of lifting height and load
  • Supplied with 2 touch remotes, hereby the lift can be used as 2 working places
  • Double nickel surface treatment protects the columns against corrosion and ensures long life
  • 2 independent hydraulic circuits in each lifting ram offer optimum safety: One circuit will hold the entire load if necessary
  • CE-marked: comply with European Standard EN 1493


inground lifts ul5 act1 inground lifts ul5 act2 inground lifts ul5 detail1 inground lifts ul2 5 spec

inground lifts ul5 spec