Electro-hydraulic press for truck workshops and heavy industry
Capacity: 100 t

  • Electro-hydraulic 2-stage pump (Press speed: 6,2 mm/sec)
  • Traversing double-acting ram with long stroke of 300 mm
  • The pressure can be set to any required tonnage up to 100 t
  • Built-in pressure gauge at convenient eye level
  • Wide, welded frame and press table ensuring high flexibility
  • Ram-operated adjustment of table
  • Removable ram end cap for mounting of various piston heads
  • The motor is 3x400V and 50/60 Hz (can be switched for 3x230V)
  • Supplied with 2 vee blocks


press p100eh2 act1 press p100eh2 act2 press p100eh2 detail1 press p100eh2 spec us