Free-Wheel Lift S-250

For standard cars, Air Pressure 8 bar, Lift Movement 266 mm....


NENAB free-wheel lift S-250 designed to be used on a surface-mounted lift (four-post lift) or over an inspection/work pit.

The lift is designed to elevate cars in order to conduct repair and maintenance to wheel suspension, steering, wheel bearings, tires, etc.

The lift is reliable in operation, easy to use and service, and meets extremely high standards of safety, speed and stability.

The lift aluminium cylinder has a pneumatic safety valve that locks the lift in place in the event of hose break.

The lift is equipped with maneuver controls on both sides.

The Lift can be ordered with two types of liftarms. Standard (se picture below) and telescopic arms (se picture below)

Its the cheapest version in the 250 lift family. Its delivered with two adjustable sidegables (special gables adds cost, for pits etc) and two low supportbars. (Longer are availible in Accessories)

Hight and other lengths (pdf)

s250-2  Standard. Max width 1180mm

s250-1 Telescopic arms. Max width 1587mm

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