Free-Wheel Lift FLHP 6/8

Free-Wheel Lift FLHP 6/8

Lift Capacity 8 tons, Air Pressure 6 bar, Lift Movement 200 mm.

NENAB free-wheel lift, model FLHP-6/8, is designed to be used on surface-mounted lifts (four-post lifts) or over inspection/work pits.

This lift is primarily designed to be installed on surface-mounted lifts, where low limited headroom and highly varied track width are required.

Edge rollers with twin ball bearings and steering, vertically and horizontally, provide for extremely low construction height.

The lift is pushbutton controlled and the drive comprises NENAB's pneumatic high-pressure pump, model LHP/100, which is exceptionally effective and has a documented long life.

Standard delivery includes replaceable lift saddle and piston extension, L=150 mm.

Extra accessories: lift yoke for two-point lifts, max. load 2 tons.

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