Free-Wheel Lift F-83

Lift capacity 3 ton, Lift width 1340 mm, Lift movement 180 mm

NENAB free wheel lift F-83 with manual extension arms fits all runway lifts and inspection pits.

The jack is used for lifting passenger cars while doing car inspecion, repairs and maintenance of steering, wheel bearings, tires etc.

F-83 reach 1340 mm between the lifting points and is 273 mm high when in lowered position.

The jack is air hydraulic which ensures maximum functional reliability and great durability. The lift cylinder is completely hydraulically steered, ensuring a smooth and safe lift and return movement.

The twin lift cylinders work parallel, which keeps the lift yoke horizontal att all times. This ensures stable and well balanced lifts.

The drive unit is placed inside the frame, which keeps the jacks outer dimensions to a minimum.

Lift capacity 3 ton
Lift width 1340 mm
Lift movement 180 mm
Height when lowered 273 mm
Air supply 8 bar

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