Garage jack HPG-20/40

Lift capacity 40 ton, Lift movement 400 mm, Air supply 7 bar

NENAB air hydraulic garage jack HPG-20/40 for lifting busses, trucks and heavy transport vehicles.

The lift cylinder is in two steps where the first step lifts 40 tons from 425-515 mm above the floor. In the second step the capacity is 20 ton between the heights 515-825 above floor level. Total lift motion 400 mm.

The jack is easliy maneuvered on the floor by raising the bar to convenient height and it rolls easliy with the heavy transport wheels in solid steel. .

The positioning of the wheels facilitates maneuvering on small areas and in narrow spaces. The solid chrome plated axles have grease nipples to reamin in good condition for many lifts. Patented drive unit with twin cylinders for maximum safety.

All HPG-models are known for their durability, extremly low air consumtion and good operating economy.

Lift capacity 40 ton
Min height lifting saddle 425 mm
Lift movement 40 ton 190 mm
Lift movement 20 ton 210 mm
Total weight 200 kg
Air supply 7 bar

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