Pit Jack FLH 12

Lift capacity 12 ton, Lift movement 420 mm, Lift width 1450 mm

NENAB Air hydraulic pit jack FLH 12 fits all inspecion pits and is designed for lifting busses, trucks and heavy transport vehicles.

The cylinders are placed along the walls which gives the operator clear passage under the beam.

The jack has controls placed at a convenient working height. The control valve has three settings: neutral, fast and lift mode. The valve returns to neutral when released, where upon the valve is locked into position.

The jack lifts 12 tons on the beam and 10 tons on the arms. The arms are manually adjusted to wished position with a maximum reach of 1450 mm.

The sliders are manufactured to fit the width and depth of your inspection pit, use the document Measurement Request and fill in your dimensions. The sliders have spring mounted wheels and rolls easlity along the pit. When loaded, the jacks is locked in position.

Recommended accesories to FLH 12 are sliding brackets for decentralized lifts on the beam and piston extenders to lift high vehicles. See more in Accessories.

Lift capacity 12 ton
Lift movement 420 mm
Lift width max 1450 mm
Total height when lowered 1050 mm
Air supply 8 bar