Wheel lift H-630

Lift capacity 30 kg, Lifting height 140 cm, Air supply 6 bar

NENAB air hydraulic wheel lift H-630 for lifting wheels and tires as complement to scissor lifts, 1-post lifts and 2-post lifts.

With H-630, wheels can be removed and refitted whitout the effort of manual lifts and with an ergonomically correct working posture, regardless of the height of the operator. The jack is completely symmetrical and can be used from both sides of the car as well as from the front or rear of the car.

The lift cylinder is completely hydraulically steered, ensuring a smooth and safe lift and return movement. The jack stops immediately with out delays when the control is released. The lift cylinder is equipped with a saftey valve which locks the jack in position in case of hose break or removal of the air supply.

On top of the handles there is a flat surface to lay tools. An extra air nipple allows the use of air driven tools such as air powerd screw drivers.

The lifting arm handles all wheel that are up to 330 mm wide.

Lift capacity 30 kg
Lift height from floor to wheel centre 140 cm
Max width wheel 330 mm
Lifting time 5 seconds
Total weight 46 kg