Free wheel lift ALS-8/1,5-P with pneumatic extension arms

Lift capacity 1,5 ton, Lift width 1330 mm, Lift movement 190 mm

NENAB free wheel lift ALS-8/1,5-P with pneumatic extension arms fits all runway lifts and inspection pits.

The jack is used for lifting passenger cars while doing car inspecion, repairs and maintenance of steering, wheel bearings, tires etc.

ALS-8/1,5-P lifts 1330 mm between the lifting points and 1590 mm with arm extenders. When lowered, the jacks i 240 mm high.

The jack is reliable in operation and easy to use and serve. It meets extremely high standards of safety, speed and stability . The air cylinder has a pneumatic safety valve that locks the jack in place in the event of hose break.

It is designed to create the best possible working ergonomics. The extension arms are pneumatically moved using low positioned operating controls to prevent wear injuries in shoulders and neck from continuous use. This model was designed and tested in consultation with the Technical Department of AB Svensk Bilprovning (Swedish national vehicle inspection agency).

It is equipped with maneuver controls on both sides and can be be fitted with a push button for electric lowering to enable lowering of the jack from distance.

The extension arms return to their home position automatically when the jack is lowered.

Lift capacity 1,5 ton
Lift width 1330 mm
Lift width max 1590 mm
Lift movement 190 mm
Height when lowered 240 mm
Air supply 8 bar

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